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Health-Oriented Medicine (HOM): the home of Ecological Medicine

Health Oriented Medicine: What and Why?

The Surface of Ecological Medicine (practical steps to improving superficial ecology for holos)

Holistic Individual Human Ecology for Holos a brief summary: A short summary of approximating the superficial aspects of natural ecology in modernity.

NUTRITION: eating for optimal health and holos

MOVEMENT: Physical Activity and Exercise for optimal health and performance

WATER: a guide to water and health

AIR: a guide to air and health

EMR/EMF: Electromagnetic Radiation, Chronobiology, and Sleep for optimal health

The Depth of Ecological Medicine (cultivating the theory and experience of deep ecology, phenomenology, and wholeness for holos)

Mind Body Earth: A primer on finding true health  A basic summary mind-body-earth interdependence, continuity, and ecological manifestation.  Etiologies and consequences of disembodiment are briefly explored and approaches to re-establishing ecological embodiment are mentioned.

Nature meditation: A moving meditation to sensuously connect with and find oneself within the natural world.

A Unified General Theory of Health Part 1: The definition of health. Beginning the exploration of a scale-free entity of health. The foundation of Holos defined.

A Unified General Theory of Health Part 2: The origin of health and the regulation of human ecology.

Other Articles:

Digitally Engineered Disease: the content of discontent (Electronic Media Effects on Health).: Do you need to protect yourself from digital disease?

A Gluten for Punishment: the whole grain assault on health: article on the whole grain assault on health with a handout on how to start eating gluten free and minimize grains.


Health Oriented Medicine with Dr. Daley on Transforming Health with Brad King (Text)

Health Oriented Medicine with Dr. Daley on Transforming Health with Brad King (Link to audio)

Dr. Daley interview on Chopra Center Radio (text)

Dr. Daley Interview on Chopra Center Radio (link to audio)

Dr. Daley Mind-Body-Earth lecture at Journey Into Healing Asheville, NC. (audio only) Coming Soon

Dr. David Johnson TEDx Macatawa lecture on health oriented medicine and authenticity (link to video)

A Practical Example of the Scale Free Nature of Health:

The Impact of Human Health on Global Climate Change an example of the scale free nature of health: how simple steps to personal health can improve biospheric health


Nature meditation film, sigur ros:

Nature’s reciprocal love; music by Nahko Bear

Geoff Roes, ultrarunner, runs “to know the land”, he connects to the land, responds to the land, runs FROM the land…

Just a clip of Eustace Conway, a teacher with admirable simplicity and connection to nature.

Keep checking back.  There is much more to come…

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